Are you?
I have just come back from a research trip to Italy. I am looking for a venue near Pisa to host an art, storytelling and photography retreat where people can explore the senses of Italy in a creative way. The art aspect may not be the whole point in fact. 
Although myself and my two colleagues walked a lot and discussed a lot, packing in a medieval town and a rustic village where another workshop leader, Rona Barbour, lives we still made time for a little artistic dabble. They wrote and photographed whereas I sketched and painted. For me this activity seals the day, imprinting memories indelibly. 
More importantly it allows me to breathe in the situation and process it. 
In whatever way is right for us I firmly believe that we all need to make time. Stop. Use our senses. Breathe. Live fully. 
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Sketch from a café in Pisa

We picked wild walnuts near Pontremoli – delicious peeled and fresh like this.