Challenge Yourself


We’ve had some wonderful art making this summer … a small group here and a few “outsiders” have worked away at a month of a landscape a day and then a collage a day for another month.

So ….. what’s next? Who’s joining in with “A Sense of Place”? The idea is to produce a little piece of art a day along the theme. It’s a broad title and a sense of place can be anything it means to you.


Where you are now

Something from your history

Your ancestors

Your homeland

A story setting

Landscapes you love

Ideas of places you’d love to go

Your community

An imaginary landscape

Places you have visited that day

Holiday destinations

Around your home and garden

Your town

Your country

The World (!) zzz ….

I could go on.

Let us know what your thoughts are as you produce each piece. Please post on Instagram or Facebook

and anywhere else on social media you want to and please tag #asenseofplace17

That way we can search the tag and see what we are up to.

This begins on September 6th and the aim is to produce one a day but it doesn’t matter if it’s less frequent. Who’s up for it?

Challenges give rise to Growth

My Instagram is clare_wassermann_art

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