Personal Challenge Result


Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a personal obligation to yourself to show up to a challenge every day. As a self employed artist who is selling internationally it’s easy to stay within the style your clients see as you. 
It is important though to continue to develop and exercise the creative muscle out of the normal zone. Hence today I have finished a personal challenge to paint a small landscape every day for thirty days. I set the challenge publicly so that I was accountable. Some days it was uncomfortable to show up to the easel. Some days I had to paint at 5am to get it done. But I did it. 

Today is the last day. I can truly say I have developed over the short time and experimented in ways I may not normally when working on commissions. 
….and funnily enough I have sold three of them completely unintentionally. I wouldn’t have guessed that would happen. 
Here’s to setting slightly uncomfortable goals!

“Stiper Stones, Shropshire- at dawn” 
11″x6.5″ acrylic paint, Quink ink, Noodler’s Ink, Indian Ink



Funnily enough most of my paintings are highly colourful and I love this. However, now that the garden and countryside are full of such verdant colours I find myself almost overwhelmed. I therefore choose to cut back and simplify when I feel like this.

Isn’t this a good idea in life anyway? I love the way art reflects living well sometimes. To me, when the going gets too intense I know that I need to cut back and simplify my whole existence. Look at what I have. Use that. Stop looking for more stuff to acquire or do. Realise that with very little I can achieve a lot. MORE in fact. Constraints beget freedom! We need boundaries to fly.

To this end my palette this week has successfully simply involved Indian ink and white. And two brushes and a sponge. Very satisfying!

Indianinkand white