The desire for development is the force that pulls along change in my art from time to time. After a spell of this I can work without that so much in mind. Development is a constant wish for me in probably all aspects of life even.  Sometimes I feel I am over motivated. The opposite of most people’s problem? I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing or even if it needs judging as such…maybe, if it gets in the way.
Anyway with development in mind I set myself a challenge to paint a little landscape every day. A commitment for 30 days. No excuses. So far so good over 10 days. I am tagging the pieces #landscapeadaychallenge so I can find them amongst other social media clutter. Now there are some other people doing the same and we are forming a merry band.

Encouraging painting and development is my goal.

So, the thing is:

A real or imagined landscape

Keep it small
Don’t overthink
Switch off brain chatter as far as possible
Don’t spend too long
Work quickly and intuitively
Respond to the materials, whatever they are

If you would like to join in tag #landscapeadaychallenge on Facebook or Instagram … you will see development and that’s a promise !











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