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I am really loving hiring my studio at Newhampton Arts Centre at the moment. I’ve been a resident there since January and it’s been the best decision I have ever made. It felt like a bit of a risk when I took it on but now I find it a place that I can have total concentration. On the other hand people call in sometimes and it’s a place with a creative buzz.

Being near the centre of Wolverhampton it’s a handy place for a meeting and a good place for me to start to run workshops.

At the beginning of April we had a very successful Art Fair there in the beautiful Victorian Gallery. My room is on the galleried landing upstairs affording me a fine view and the facility of having a little shop front. This is our second art fair and my first as a resident artist. I loved meeting people and chatting to them all in my own smaller ‘gallery’ and I sold plenty of prints and cards. I shall open up on other event days throughout the year. We have a beer and cider festival coming up in June and Paint The Day in July (Pintar Rapido). There’s also a Mods Festival and a Pagan fair later in the year which will bring in a lovely mix of people.

Here is a piece I have recently finished called “In Paradisum”


Acrylic on canvas 40 x 50 inches



4 thoughts on “Studio News

  1. You could host a coffee morning the morning after the 50 th reunion of the wghs and wgs in september as loads of people will be in town and in party mode. Invite the crowd from the party for the post party post mortem. People will love it. You could say it is 10 percent off and or. 10 percent to charity. I bet u would make some good sales.


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