I am really loving hiring my studio at Newhampton Arts Centre at the moment. I’ve been a resident there since January and it’s been the best decision I have ever made. It felt like a bit of a risk when I took it on but now I find it a place that I can have total concentration. On the other hand people call in sometimes and it’s a place with a creative buzz.

Being near the centre of Wolverhampton it’s a handy place for a meeting and a good place for me to start to run workshops.

At the beginning of April we had a very successful Art Fair there in the beautiful Victorian Gallery. My room is on the galleried landing upstairs affording me a fine view and the facility of having a little shop front. This is our second art fair and my first as a resident artist. I loved meeting people and chatting to them all in my own smaller ‘gallery’ and I sold plenty of prints and cards. I shall open up on other event days throughout the year. We have a beer and cider festival coming up in June and Paint The Day in July (Pintar Rapido). There’s also a Mods Festival and a Pagan fair later in the year which will bring in a lovely mix of people.

Here is a piece I have recently finished called “In Paradisum”


Acrylic on canvas 40 x 50 inches