Ganesha – remover of obstacles


I’ve just got back from a week long alternative health and music festival called One World Camp. It was in Somerset this year and I’m walking on sunshine now. The food is macrobiotic and mostly vegetarian, almost all organic and locally sourced. There are plenty of workshops, a choir, drumming circles, lectures and games for all.

One workshop I did whilst there was with Jon Athawes and was entitled “The Real Me”. It involved various methods of getting to the nub of where you wanted to be in a set timescale in your future. It was really quite powerful. I think Jon is going to write a book on it this year so watch this space.

On my return I expressed my feelings in a painting called “Strength In Gentleness – Ganesha”. I often have this Hindu god in mind as he is the remover of obstacles in your way. I have a strong vision of where I want to be and it’s already working. Ganesha symbolises reaching your potential. So this Ganesha has flowers in his hair to express the great feeling I have resulting from the festival.

The original sold the next day from my Facebook post (my page is at Clare Wassermann Art and Stitch) but I am organising a very limited run of signed prints. They are 30″ x 21″ image size. Some have already been reserved. Do let me know if you’d like one. They’re £140. My email is 


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