Some meditative music and inspiration


Last night I was lucky enough to have a ticket to hear Ex Cathedra sing at St Peter’s Church in Wolverhampton. The music was beautiful, historic and other-worldly. I was transfixed and mesmerised.

No applause all through enabled an atmosphere of divine meditation throughout. The church was lit by candles only and the singers held candles to see. A small group with the purest of purest perfect voices. Music in many forms, both western and more esoteric eastern help me to visualise colour, form and ideas. This can then transfer into artwork. Quite apart from that both art forms can lead to a deeper inspection.

This image is a mergence of two, one the view of the window and ancient brickwork in front of me and the other a winter tree with an abandoned nest signifying homecoming.

I am painting this afternoon in my studio at Newhampton Arts Centre. All welcome to visit. Some gifts for Christmas available.

Who knows what that experience last night will bring.

#inspiration #art #music #wolverhampton

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