Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind


 Whether we practice meditation or creative art or anything else, at first our experience is fresh and illuminating. When we begin, we have no thoughts of having already accomplished something. Then we can learn. But after a while, it can get stale. We may think we know something and lose our motivation. Our cup starts to fill, and there is less room for something new. When we become aware that this is happening, we can take a fresh start and return to a beginner’s mind. We may find it challenging to keep to our beginner’s mind. But it is so worthwhile. With a beginner’s mind we can learn from everyone and everything we encounter.

This is why sketchbook work is so important to me. This is why I like to teach about it in workshops. These sessions can be for artists in practice or complete beginners but are about processing ideas in a very guided and comfortable way.





Connect and Unite.jpg

Dates for other workshops will also be under the Workshops tab above


Recently I’ve been preparing some lovely velvet stitched velvet versions of my bigger paintings ready for Christmas gifts. They are mounted in a deep white box frame and the whole thing measures 10″ square.

Message me if you are interested. They are £35 plus postage.


(The above piece is sold but another can be made).


(Might have to get going with my Etsy shop again – note to self!)


Finally the exhibition with a bird theme at Bantock House Wolverhampton runs until September 13th. Plenty of yummy cakes in the cafe next door!



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