I know it’s a fantasy …

I realise this is pure fantasy, but I might just set this as an intention here and now in front of you all. I want a van with my painting as its skin! It would be great to travel in it around the country and Europe (presuming we Brits can still get in). Painting pictures, going to festivals, camping out and meeting people

I believe in setting intentions and goals – this is how dreams come true! It’s worked for me a lot in the past!! Why not! Yogini Archer pose here I come!

Yoga morning

So lucky this morning to have taken part in a Yoga for The Solstice session at a location near Lower Penn, Wolverhampton which overlooked three counties here in the middle of England. We shared it with rabbits, magpies, swifts, swallows, bees and an eagle. So inspiring to do yoga in nature especially with a view. We eventually brought out the sun …


A new piece of art

I was hugely inspired by a visit to a local urban garden in Waterdale which opened last weekend as part of the National Garden Scheme. When something moves me as much as this did I have to get it on to canvas:


Waterdale – 12″x 12″ acrylic on box canvas


I would just say that I have had some wonderful experiences teaching my workshops on creative freedom in paint over the past few weeks. There are details on the workshops page of this website – click here