Personal Challenge Result


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Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a personal obligation to yourself to show up to a challenge every day. As a self employed artist who is selling internationally it’s easy to stay within the style your clients see as you. 
It is important though to continue to develop and exercise the creative muscle out of the normal zone. Hence today I have finished a personal challenge to paint a small landscape every day for thirty days. I set the challenge publicly so that I was accountable. Some days it was uncomfortable to show up to the easel. Some days I had to paint at 5am to get it done. But I did it. 

Today is the last day. I can truly say I have developed over the short time and experimented in ways I may not normally when working on commissions. 
….and funnily enough I have sold three of them completely unintentionally. I wouldn’t have guessed that would happen. 
Here’s to setting slightly uncomfortable goals!

“Stiper Stones, Shropshire- at dawn” 
11″x6.5″ acrylic paint, Quink ink, Noodler’s Ink, Indian Ink


Shropshire Hills

I have been very lucky to have had a rare opportunity to paint with David Tress this weekend. 

He is one of Britain’s foremost landscape artists. David paints the rugged scenery of his beloved Pembrokeshire where he lives. 

We went sketching up in the hills of South Shropshire and cane back to the lovely studio of Bobby Britnell to paint big pieces which concentrated on the feeling of ‘space’. 

Extraordinary views and wonderful mentoring. I’m feeling very refreshed and inspired. 

“Bury Ditches” 34×24 inches acrylic on paper

“Betwsy Crun” 34 x 24 inches. Acrylic on paper


The desire for development is the force that pulls along change in my art from time to time. After a spell of this I can work without that so much in mind. Development is a constant wish for me in probably all aspects of life even.  Sometimes I feel I am over motivated. The opposite of most people’s problem? I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing or even if it needs judging as such…maybe, if it gets in the way.
Anyway with development in mind I set myself a challenge to paint a little landscape every day. A commitment for 30 days. No excuses. So far so good over 10 days. I am tagging the pieces #landscapeadaychallenge so I can find them amongst other social media clutter. Now there are some other people doing the same and we are forming a merry band.

Encouraging painting and development is my goal.

So, the thing is:

A real or imagined landscape

Keep it small
Don’t overthink
Switch off brain chatter as far as possible
Don’t spend too long
Work quickly and intuitively
Respond to the materials, whatever they are

If you would like to join in tag #landscapeadaychallenge on Facebook or Instagram … you will see development and that’s a promise !












The power of nature is what captures me. It is healing and inspiring to be amongst trees. 
Today I begin work in a new arts project set in an allotment plot in Wolverhampton where I live. How lucky to be able to combine two great loves of mine. I will keep this blog posted as a diary of what develops there. 
The painting below is called “Now, In This Moment” and measures 11″x 15″ in acrylic paint and ink. 

Just to let you know what’s on in my room, Studio 103, at Newhampton Arts Centre for the next few months – please go to the Workshops page to see more details:

What's on 6

Enjoying working on layers in oil on this painting based on recent travels in Saudi Arabia – oil is not my number one medium but I love it and am grateful to Wayne Attwood (RBSA) for his guidance – he runs workshops regularly at my studio – see the Workshops tab at the top of this page for further info.


Why You Need To Keep Coming Back My Website!


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Well January has melted into March somehow and this is my first post of the year – sorry it is so late. I thought I would put down some of my thoughts and plans for the year here anyway.


Night shot after Day 1 of a whole weekend painting retreat in the studio

My most exciting news is the move into a bigger, lighter and airier studio than I was in before. It’s in the same building, but has a beautiful Northern light – the best for artists, with no direct sunlight but fabulous light for working in, with three large Victorian windows and white walls and ceiling. More windows into the gallery provide extra light and a beautiful wood floor makes for a gorgeous atmosphere. With this space I have plans!

I want to create a mini arts centre within an Arts Centre. A place for healthy arts practices and workshops as well as a place for me to paint and illustrate the books I am commissioned for this year.

The venue is Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton.


Wayne Attwood RBSA teaching oils

If you look on the Workshops page of this site you will see more details  – keep checking because new and exciting things are being added all the time. We have a good on site cafe and are only 10 minutes walk from Wolverhampton railway station – right in the middle of the UK.

Here’s a quick summary of things happening soon:

March 2nd / April 6th / May 10th  Soundbath for Relaxation with Liz Pritchard 7-8.15

March 28th Find your Creative Mojo with Clare Wassermann – creative sketchbook addiction

Celebrate the Seasons – Creative Art and Stories with Ana Lines and Clare Wassermann
Spring – Sunday March 26th                           day worskshops
Summer – Sunday May 7th
Autumn – Sunday September 3rd
Winter – Sunday December 3rd

March 23rd Oil painting with Wayne Attwood – FULL

May 5th Mandala Yoga with Catherine Spruce 7-9pm

May 14th – Painting A Theory – Carl Jung – Art as Therapy with Hannah Boyd and Clare Wassermann 10.30 – 4

May 16th Sacred Art – Movement and painting with Clare Wassermann and Sarah Vernon

If there are any workshops you would like to see here please feel free to suggest them – let’s see if we can make them happen.

I am very pleased to be collaborating with story teller Ana Lines this year and also developing ideas with Anne Marie Lagram. – a live art event inspired by Medgel- the witch- resulting in a collaboration of challenging visual imagery, story telling and audience participation!

I am looking forward to sharing an exhibition with feltmaker and painter Kanj Nicholas and being part of an exhibition to commemorate 70 years since Partition in India and Pakistan in Wolverhampton in August organised by Komlaish Achall.

I have a few trips to Saudi Arabia this year (it’s complicated!) and I am looking forward to sketching and getting to know the country better – maybe some art to do with issues around that country will emerge.


Peace Doves Saudi – hope



Architecture and Palms


Hopooe and the City



New things are emerging every week so keep checking back – especially on the Workshops page.

I am also on Instagram as Clare_Wassermann_Art
Facebook – Clare Wassermann Art and Stitch
Twitter – Clare Wassermann



2016 – A good year for art


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If you don’t know me already this is a little about me and the year that has nearly finished. It’s been a whirlwind, very busy but very happy-making!!


Clare Wassermann lives and works in Wolverhampton. Originally gaining an honours degree in Music with Education, then teaching and playing saxophone and clarinet in London and Nottingham, she re-qualified as a Registered Homeopath and returned to Wolverhampton in 2001. For fourteen years she happily combined teaching and homeopathy but then her artwork suddenly began to take off.

“I have always enjoyed painting, drawing and stitching since childhood, encouraged by my father who was a long-standing member of Wolverhampton Society of Artists, but suddenly my work really began to sell in 2014”

She had started to paint larger paintings which were very vibrant and uplifting and buyers were inspired by their optimistic and health giving properties. “I love the idea of layer upon layer in paint, memories and experience. Some paintings have ten or even twenty layers built up and most are in response to my meditation and yoga practice. All are a pure celebration of my external and internal landscape. Juxtaposition of edges and colour combinations excite me.

I use recurring symbols, meaningful to me and sometimes words in my layers, building up and letting go of images as I work.

Sometimes I work in fabric and stitch for even more texture.

I use my intuition, as far as possible, to take me on the journey towards a final balance point. This art practice becomes a metaphor for life”.


In January 2016, after a successful exhibition, she took the plunge and rented a studio at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton and since then things have moved apace.

An American Author, Kathy Walsh, admired her work on Instagram and asked her if she would illustrate her next children’s book. “I looked at her previous books on Amazon and saw that she was writing with an aim to promote peace and mindfulness for children”, Clare commented, “so I decided to accept this opportunity and embrace a new genre for me”.

The first two books, “Today An Elephant I Will Be” and “My Mindfulness ABC” are now available and I’m working on the third which will be out in the early part of next year. Kathy and she are planning some events in the U.S.A. next year.


Another unexpected development has been teaching art workshops in the studio space. I work with small groups to open up creative ideas and build confidence in expression in paint and mixed media. Artists who are experiencing block and adults who feel that they would like to paint creatively but lack confidence have all enjoyed these unusual and enjoyable days.


Details on the Workshop page


Some items are in my SHOP (always being updated)- otherwise contact me

A big THANK YOU to all those who have supported me and encouraged along the way. You know who you are, and I couldn’t have kept it up without you.

Gentle Rain2 Clare Wassermann 30 inches square photo Neil Roberts

“Gentle Rain” Acrylic on box canvas 30″ x 30″


For more information please visit
Facebook Clare Wassermann Art and Stitch
Instagram Clare­_Wassermann_Art




Shop details and Workshops

Shop details

Many folk have been asking me how they can shop for my art online. Just a quickie to let you know that there are some items in my shop which I am updating whenever I can but there are definitely Christmas cards, some prints and other cards.

It’s so easy to buy from it. Go back for updates if you can as I am trying to add to it when I’m able. If there’s something you’ve seen that’s not in the shop then please do email me (see below).

The message in the cards below reads “Peace and Joy”. Proceeds are going to Compton Hospice.

Here’s the link:


Just a few places left on my Creative Painting workshops on Jan 17th and 31st. £35 for the day and enough inspiration for a year. Email me on if you’d like to book a place.



Meanwhile, wrap up warm and enjoy the last of the Autumn leaves!

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

 Whether we practice meditation or creative art or anything else, at first our experience is fresh and illuminating. When we begin, we have no thoughts of having already accomplished something. Then we can learn. But after a while, it can get stale. We may think we know something and lose our motivation. Our cup starts to fill, and there is less room for something new. When we become aware that this is happening, we can take a fresh start and return to a beginner’s mind. We may find it challenging to keep to our beginner’s mind. But it is so worthwhile. With a beginner’s mind we can learn from everyone and everything we encounter.

This is why sketchbook work is so important to me. This is why I like to teach about it in workshops. These sessions can be for artists in practice or complete beginners but are about processing ideas in a very guided and comfortable way.





Connect and Unite.jpg

Dates for other workshops will also be under the Workshops tab above


Recently I’ve been preparing some lovely velvet stitched velvet versions of my bigger paintings ready for Christmas gifts. They are mounted in a deep white box frame and the whole thing measures 10″ square.

Message me if you are interested. They are £35 plus postage.


(The above piece is sold but another can be made).


(Might have to get going with my Etsy shop again – note to self!)


Finally the exhibition with a bird theme at Bantock House Wolverhampton runs until September 13th. Plenty of yummy cakes in the cafe next door!