Artist’s Statement

Final Sati copyright 104KBI love the idea of layer upon layer in paint, memories and experience. Some paintings have ten or even twenty layers built up and most are in response to my meditation and yoga practice. All are a pure celebration of my external and internal landscape. Juxtaposition of edges and colour combinations excite me.

I use recurring symbols, meaningful to me and sometimes words in my layers, building up and letting go of images as I work.

Sometimes I work in fabric and stitch for even more texture.

I use my intuition, as far as possible, to take me on the journey towards a final balance point. This art practice becomes a metaphor for life.


5 thoughts on “Artist’s Statement”

  1. Margaret Biggs said:

    I love this work. It is very contemplative.


  2. Jean Holland said:

    What beautiful work Clare i shall have to take up meditation again if it is the answer to doing such magical work


  3. wow, you have become really clear about things.


  4. I find your work both pretty and complex.


  5. You certainly know what you’re doing fabulous


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