Ganesha watermarked for webClare Wassermann is a painter and textile artist living in Wolverhampton, England.

I love to build upon  layer upon layer of colours seeing how they vibrate together.  Images, words and ideas emerge, are released and  let  go of  as the work progresses.  Eventually an idea for a final composition surfaces and a still point is attained.

As I work I listen to music which often comes from Hindu, Buddhist or other Eastern sources. I definitely use the energy of the music as inspiration, whether it be calming or uplifting. I also use ideas generated from my yoga and meditation practice.10639401_666465323442951_1879635257876508237_n

The progression of my paintings currently reflects the qualities I try to live by in that I like to hone my  intuition and practise  acceptance and letting go in my life. I suppose you could say that the nature of impermanence and peace are my focus.IMG_1256

I also love to sew. I like to transfer my paintings onto fine cotton fabric and layer into a quilt which I then hand stitch, machine stitch and embellish. These make stunning wall hangings, benefiting from the added texture of the stitch.IMG_1259



1 thought on “About”

  1. Kate Lawrence said:

    Stunning Clare! The text is refreshing to read with visuals to delight the eyes and set the heart singing. More more more….


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